Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Through these media blogs, I have time to reflect on the media that surrounds me and the amount of media that I am constantly consuming. I have started to realize that I have been consuming a lot of media every single day of my life. The media that I consume is through so many different kinds of platforms of media. But, as I have been posting I am realizing that what I consume is a lot of the time unintentional. I just go through my day without realizing the major impacts that advertisements and media are impressing on me.This reinforces the ways that companies influence many of your thoughts, without you really knowing that it is going on. Much of these ideas that are being implemented and reinforced multiple times through advertising, are not the most positive messages for teenagers to be hearing. Much of what is said, is trying to have their products fix flaws that you have. But, what if we did not feel insecure about that said flaw? But, now after these advertisements, I have noticed that I am becoming more aware of the flaws they are mentioning and this does not make me feel the best about myself. Now that I have become more aware of what kind of media I am consuming, I am trying to block out the ideas that they are trying to reinforce about me. But, so far, what I have noticed is that there is no way to get all of the ideas that are presented in the media about you, completely outside of your head. You cannot completely exile yourself from media. It is always going to be there, but you can choose to try and filter out certain types that you can control. But, no matter what, media while always have an impact on you and this is out of your control. I have also started noticing techniques that are being used to entice me and recognizing these help me choose what things I actually need versus what I am being tricked into wanting or feeling like I need. I have tried to cut down on my media consumption over this semester. But, even when I try to cut down on the things I can control, media is still surrounding me everywhere I go. Again, because I am educated about what companies are doing, this allows me to pick apart their advertising techniques. Being able to do this allows me to figure out what their true mission is and if I want to buy into what they are selling (product or not). Through keeping this journal, I have been able to recognize many of the most influential advertisements and forms of media. I know they are influential because I wanted to write about many things and through this desire to elaborate on what they are saying, I found that these are the advertisements that have had the biggest impact on me while I go through all of the media that I consume daily. Through this whole process I have learned much about media and some of the very wrong things that companies do to attract innocent consumers. But, most of all I have learned about how enormous of an impact that media has on one’s thoughts and ideas all of the time. I personally really enjoyed this unit and it has taught me a lot about what I was consuming, that I did not know about.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What you post is forever...

As I was in a situation in these last couple of days I was restricted from the use of social media. I was using some painkillers that restricted me from using the media. After multiple nurses and my parents restricted me, it left me wondering why I wasn't allowed to use it. This "right" I believed I held made me upset and angry when I could not use it. I started thinking later on why I was not allowed to use it. I came across the point that what you post stays on the internet forever. What I was on made my thoughts not clear and my decision making skills less sharp. This lead me to the realization that if I were allowed to use media, what I would of posted would always be there. I have noticed through social media that many people do not grasp the concept that what you post stays on the internet. Many people do not understand how what you post can be harmful later in life. These posts could leave other people hurt and you could hurt yourself. You could hurt yourself by infringing on opportunities later in life, that get denied because of your previous posts. This also allowed me to see the power social media has become to hold on our lives. Social media may seem like a harmless outlet, when in reality it is something so powerful it can really harm many lives and change them.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

“The fate of the world is in the hands of one beautiful girl”

After watching a film in class about the misrepresentation of women in media, it has made me consider the ways women are portrayed in specific areas of media. I started brainstorming about ways that girls from a young age are influenced by how the media represents women. I thought about a show that many young girls and boys watch that misrepresents women and girls to the max, Barbie. This show portrays women as all very similar characters in the world and they all have similar characteristics. Many of the characters in this show all have similar bodies types. They all are slim and have a large bust area. This implies that all women have similar body types, which as we can see in society is not the reality. This can make young girls feel like they have to fit the mold that has been     created by shows like this that shows only one type of what a women’s body can look like. This also portrays a false reality to boys, that women only look a certain way. This teaches them at a young age  that women are only supposed to look a certain way and if they do not look that way, they are not a woman. Scientists have proven that if Barbie was a real person, she would not be able to stay alive. This shows how unrealistic the portrayal of women was. In one episode, a character was handed a baby out of nowhere, just because she was a girl and this portrays that a women’s job is to take care of children and do duties like that. But, in the real world women do that and MUCH more than is being portrayed by the writers of the show. This show also shows girls trying to find the “perfect” guy or already dating him. This shows that a woman needs an ideal male character to be complete. It is implying that a woman can not be independent and by herself to do the things she needs to. In another episode the male characters take advantage of Barbie and throw a party at her house. This teaches young children that women can be manipulated and used for their resources. This is not always the case, but many times men try to do this. Why is that so? It is because they are taught from a young age that they are superior and have the right to do things like that. Shows like this misrepresent women and show unreal realities of what women do in the world.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Wanna make a TikTok?

Chances are that you probably have heard of the app TikTok. Many people from many age ranges are getting onto this app. But, what does this app do for you and why would you want it? There are many creators on TikTok that show off their whatever they want to do and they post for the world to see. But, this app is not a healthy app if you do not use it in moderation. I can personally say that this app has consumed many hours of my life that I cannot get back. Many messages that lie within the app can be positive and negative. The "For You" page is a place that your videos can be put on if they are "good enough". What is the true definition of a silly video being good enough though? Many people try to make many videos until enough people like their video and the content they are putting out. Like other social media platforms this app revolves around likes and what other people think about what you are putting out there. I also believe that this app allows for positive feedback and support from people all over the world. The idea of being famous is so cool to some people that they go to extremes on this app and veer away from who they are as a person. I do not believe that this behavior is healthy for one. In moderation, I believe this app can be positive, but if you become consumed in it then it can very a very toxic platform for one.
Charli D'amelio 

High School without the Musical

Today I wanted to discuss many stereotypes and expectations that I had believed going into high school. I had many ideas about what my experience would be and I had everything planned out. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and what to expect from this experience. But, once I got to high school it was a shock how different things were going from my "plan".  I started to wonder why I had so many ideas about what high school was going to be like. But, then I realized that many shows I watched growing up depicted high school in a very unrealistic way. These shows showed and idealistic and impossible situation of how high school is. I am specifically going to focus on High School Musical. This movie was my absolute favorite growing up and I would have it on a continuous loop all day long. I loved the relationship between Troy and Gabriella and how much the loved each other, but were both still close friends for each other. These movies depicted conflicts, but they are not the realistic conflicts that I face on the daily. I know that everyone goes through different situations, but this depiction showed a utopian world. So, when I came to high school and I did not have an instant relationship with a "Troy" in my life, I started to question myself. Was I doing something wrong? But, as I have started to experience high school, I have realized that what was depicted was not reality. The beauty standards that were also displayed through the "popular" characters was also very unrealistic. Sorry we don't have makeup artists and we go to bed super late so we have dark circles. But, I now have realized I would much rather this realistic version of high school because it is real. Also, we don't just break out in joyful song all of the time, because lets be honest high school is stressful. There are many situations in the movies that I can relate to, but overall the standards and expectations set up are very unrealistic.

Monday, December 16, 2019

When in doubt pedal it out or nah?

      Recently the indoor cycling bike company Peloton has been under fire after a recent commercial that they had launched. In this commercial a husband had given his wife a Peloton for Christmas and she documented every day that she had used it. People are upset about how this commercial is sexist. Some are making the argument that the husband gives his wife this gift so that she can be more in shape. Many people are very upset over the presentation of the gift-giving. But, I do not personally see anything wrong with the harmless gift giving. But, the major point by critics is that the women looks like she is unsure when she is riding the bike and that she forces herself to get out of bed extra early just to ride this bike. I can see where these critics are coming from. But, I think that people have jumped to way too many conclusions before actually knowing the background of the commercial. The company does not give a background, so it is up to interpretation. But, I believe that many people interpreted this commercial as to the fullest extent. The actress used for the commercial was already thin, so many people wondered why she would need to become more fit. I think some have failed to consider that just because she looks thin, she might still want to work out for her own health benefits. These critical comments about the ad have caused the actress to come out and comment on the commercial. She had sais she was pretty sure the only thing wrong about the ad was her face. She said that the natural way her eyebrows look made her look worried. These comments have made her believe that the commercial is being criticized because of her. I personally believe that this has blown up and is a slight overreaction. But, at the same time everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I may have a biased opinion because my family owns a Peloton and it is a good fit for our family. But, overall this commercial got a lot of press about how negative and sexist it was towards women.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Madison and Vine in Fuller House

Recently I was watching the new season of Fuller House. This show is comedy and is a very light show to watch. But, as I was watching it I noticed that there was a placement of a brand name in a scene. In one part of the show, Stephanie was talking to her nephew and she dresses up as a laundry princess. But, she also referred to herself as the "Princess of Tide". Tide is a popular laundry detergent brand that many people know of. This was placed into the script so subtly that normally I would of never noticed. But, after watching "The Persuaders", I had caught onto it very quickly. They had used Madison and Vine to promote the brand of Tide. Tide was advertising through a television show that many people would see. They had implemented their advertisement for their brand in a quick scene, so many would not notice the significance, but still would notice the name brand of detergent. This showed me how no matter where you go, there will always be advertisements that are surrounding you. I felt completely vulnerable when I was just relaxing to watch a show and then I was bombarded with a subtle advertisement. It prompted me to believe that Tide was the superior detergent because that is what the characters on a show use. It might make one feel like they are apart of something greater if they can relate to products that their favorite characters use. this specific placement of Madison and Vine advertising was effective to my thoughts and I am sure many other people watching the show.

Through these media blogs, I have time to reflect on the media that surrounds me and the amount of media that I am constantly consuming. I h...